Hi there, this is Steve, I'm the husband of the woman named Marion, my wife, my slut, my naughty little sex slave. I'd like to introduce you to Slave-Marion.com

Maybe you know our other website, it's called cumdrinkingwife.com. The cumdrinkingwife website was our first site, it was launched in 2001 and it deals with all the gangbang stuff, it's Marion being gang fucked by hundreds of guys, at clubs, carparks, porn theaters, private partys etc. So, cumdrinkingwife.com is focused on Marion's gangbang, dogging and bukkake adventures.

We have launched Slave-Marion.com in 2004 and from the very beginning it was our fetish website. Due to certain reasons we couldn't show everything we had filmed on the cumdrinkingwife website then, and so we decided to outsource most of the bizarre/extreme/torture stuff to the Slave-Marion website.

Slave-Marion.com had to undergo several modifications since then, but essentially it is still what it ever was: The very kinky fetish side of a very kinky slutwife. On Slave-Marion.com we are showing you our homemade fetish porn. It's my wife Marion as the SEX SLAVE (and trust me, she LOVES to be a sex slave!)

The movies and photos on Slave-Marion.com vary significantly from the the rest of the stuff we are showing on the other websites. Slave-Marion is focused on that stuff, that some might call 'extreme'. It's Marion getting bondaged, punished, disciplined, spanked, dominated, pissed on, used and abused by myself, other guys and groups or gangs. Combine these niches with Marion's natural talent of being a cumeating, creampie and gangbang loving slutwife and you will get a good idea of the conten you will get on Slave-Marion.com!

So, Slave-Marion.com is our very special, very extreme and bizarre site. With loads of things we can't show on our other, more 'moderate' or so to speak 'middle of the road' sites. So prepare your cock, but always keep in mind that you have been warned.

Only enter this site if you like watching a woman who totally loses control of her body and who is subjected to settings which burst all limits.

In case you don't know who we are, let's introduce ourselves: We are a true amateur couple, loving to play with each other and other people, mainly guys and groups of guys. We started recording our kinky adventures over 15 years ago. We never intended to earn money with it, everything we caught on tape was just made for fun and our own use. Then one day we started getting a first small website online, which was in the year 1999, with a couple of photo sets and a few short clips, showing Marion getting fucked and few of them even shown her getting gangbanged. And it was a huge success, people wrote us, begging us to film and upload more and more and more content. And so we did.

And then - it was 2001 now - we launched cumdrinkingwife.com, our first big website, with tons of exclusive photos and movie clips of Marion going down and dirty. This site now had a member area and people had to pay to view and download everything, since we couldn't handle all the traffic costs anymore. But - we are honest - there was of course a second reason to hide our content behind a pay wall: If people really like to see what we are doing and if they are ready to support us with their money... why the hell should we say 'no'? We are human beings like all other people, and like all other people we can't live and prosper without money :)

But - even if we have more than one website today and even if they all contain a member area, we are still a true amateur couple. We are only doing the things we want to do. We never had and never will do a professional shoot with professional actors. Marion never gets paid for being such a slut or for fucking all the guys.

And YOU, dear reader, even can be A PART OF THE SHOW! Yes, that's right. We are always looking for guys who want to help me discipline and bondage and use and fuck this naughty sex slave. And we have absolutely NO financial interests! Means: It's free, you don't have to pay us anything, when you meet us. Read more on the MEET MARION PAGE.


So, now we are here.

We really think you won't find another site like this. If you were looking for a true submissive amateur Lady, you probably have found the best and longest running sex slave website in the world.

Famous last words: Yes we are amateurs. And yes we don't do staged professionals shootings. But nevertheless we're always trying to give you the best movie and photo quality possible. Older movies (filmed 2010 and before) are coming in high res quality (720x576), newer movies (2010 and above) always in HD (1280x720 to 1920x1080). As a member you can always decide to view the movies online (streaming) or to download them to your harddrive without any restrictions.

Now feel free to enter our very kinky world. This is all real, homemade stuff, pure amateur, 100% original and genuine.

All we do, we do just for us. Not for you. Not for the world. Just for us and our own pleasure.

Steve and Marion, originally written in March 2010, edited in June 2016