will get closed at the end of the year 2017!


We will transfer all the Slave-Marion content to our other websites. On these other websites we will continue with our kinky work of course... shooting new stuff, having fun, swinging and gangbanging, dogging, peeing and so on.

The reason to close the Slave-Marion website is, that we intend to descope from three websites to two. For private reasons, we no longer have enough time to host and maintain three sites in a reasonable way... our time is fully engaged with the two other websites.

So... if you like to go on with us and watch Marion go down and dirty frequently, feel free to check out our other websites:

Primarily displaying Marion's gangbanging, dogging and swinging escapades, very up-to-date, watch Marion's latest escapades very promptly, and get access to Marion's huge movie archives with hundreds and hundreds of movies filmed during the past 20 years. It's the full illustrated diary of a slutwife!

On Gangbang-Wife we are also showing Marion's escapades, but furthermore we are showing our fetish movies (slave sex, peeing, bdsm etc.), and our teen castings and teen gangbang movies. So, this site contains more niches, but as regarding Marion's brand new gangbang/dogging escapades, it's not so up-to-date and not so promptly than the cumdrinkingwife site.