Hi there, this is Steve, I'm the husband of the woman named Marion, my wife, my slut, my naughty little sex slave. I'd like to introduce you to Slave-Marion.com

Slave-Marion.com is focused on that stuff, that some might call 'extreme'. It's Marion getting bondaged, punished, disciplined, spanked, dominated, pissed on, used and abused by myself, other guys and groups or gangs. Combine these niches with Marion's natural talent of being a cumeating, creampie and gangbang loving slutwife and you will get a good idea of the content you will get here.

Me and my wife we want to say 'HELLO' to all visitors of our website. Just take a look around and don't forget to visit the video, photo and news pages with loads of hot preview content.

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I know you like all of our outdoor and dogging stuff and this great movie is for all you dogging lovers out there. It's a brand new movie, filmed on May/05/2017. This time I led Marion to another rest area, where I hoped that I could find some casual encounters for my little bareback fuck slut. Marion had slipped one of her full masks on... I wanted her to get used totally anonymous this time. Once arrived at the rest area I ordered Marion to show off outside the car (the movie starts with this scene) and therefore it didn't take long until she had attract attention. I handcuffed her at the steering wheel and a first guy used her this way and shot his load in her cunt. Three other men followed this afternoon, she took them all bareback on the passenger seat. All in all Marion got 6 creampies that day. Not bad...


This movie is a good example for Marion's desires and firmly fixed lewdness. This slut LOVES to get used and abused by everybody, everywhere. In this case you can watch her in a pub, where she is lying on a couch, she is blindfolded. I know she is in need of cock and cum, especially cum. The more loads the merrier. The entire pub is overcrowded. A few couples, plenty of guys, all of them strangers we both have never seen before. Some of them are surrounding Marion, they stare on her blank tits and the stockings. I'm telling them that this slut needs cum, don't be shy, just use herthis way. Fuck her mouth, drench her face with cum and if you want to bang her, feel free do it. That's the start of a spontaneous bukkake, where Marion gets over 15 loads on her face, within 25 minutes. I taped the entire session, now here it is.


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What's better than to dominate a sex slave? Correct, dominating TWO sex slaves at once! Originally Marion just wanted to get tied at one of the cages at this swingers club and doing oral jobs to everybody who wanted to enjoy her free service. But then another swinging woman called Sandra saw me preperating and blindfolding Marion and she aksed me if she could support Marion. Well, yes, of course, I answered. Two slaves are better than one, I said. Now here are the results of this spontaneous two-sluts oral gangbang. Enjoy.