A few more words about a master and his slave...

Although we have a VERY hardcorish and sometimes even a sexually brutal kind of relationship, there is nothing on this website, the Slave doesn't like. Or more precisely, at least it's not much she doesn't like ;) Marion is a very open minded, sexually aggressive swinging slut, who always loved group fun and gangbangs and cumshots and swallowing cum and all the other nice things a naughty slutwife should love.

So, Steve doesn't has to force Marion to eat his cum, for example. It is what she did in any case. And when Steve brings 4 guys with to bang Marion, this hottie even begs for more cock.

But - and that's what most people seem to overlook - Marion is a total sub nevertheless. We don't think that any woman out there could do the things Marion is doing, without being submissive in any way. Marion likes to get fucked, right. She likes to get creamed and gangbanged, right. But essentially it's all about being DOMINATED. When a guy says 'come on, suck me off', Marion loves to do it, because the guy wants it. He's the dom at this moment and Marion is the sub. She would enjoy the moment a lot less, if she had to sway or ask the guy to do it.

And when we say 'the guy' we don't only talk about Steve. It's every guy. Always. Everywhere.

So, this is what Slave-Marion.com is all about. It's the essence of being submissive. Not only by having fun with strangers at clubs, theaters or dogging spots, on Slave-Marion we just go a few steps further and live out this master/slave concept more consequently. On this site you'll not only see Marion getting used and abused by plenty of guys, here you will see her getting used and abused WHILE she is getting bondaged and chained and spanked and humiliated and dominated and so on.

Nevertheless, much of the stuff you can find on Slave-Marion.com is kind of roleplay. We only do roleplay we like and adore, but at the end of the day it's just roleplay. Steve as the Master, Marion as the Slave, willing to do everything to pleasure Steve and all the other men. We could eliminate all these bdsm and slave roleplay aspects in a minute and what's left then is a swinging slutwife going down and dirty and looking for cocks, but we don't want to do it, because doing it the more hard way, is just too much fun ;)

Summarized, Slave-Marion.com is a website about a married woman who is a true swinging slutwife who loves being dominated, bondaged, punished, humiliated and many more.

Is that enough to make you curious? We hope so...


Kind Regards,

Steve and Marion (written in June 2016)