We are always looking for dominant guys (members only) aged between 25 and 60 who want to bondage/dominate/fuck Marion, while Steve is taking pics and a movie. You can do with Marion whatever you want, whatever comes to your mind. Everything goes, except: Scat, blood, excessive pain. Here's a short list of things you can do with Marion: Bondage, SM, flogging, chaining, dominating, dirty talking, humiliation, fucking Marion in cunt and mouth, peeing on her, cum in her mouth, cum on her face. If you are not sure whether you can do certain things to her or not, just send us an email and tell us about your plans.


Here are the rules:

- Steve is filming the session and takes pics. You can/should wear a mask.

- We have absolutely NO financial interests! Means: It's free, you don't have to pay us anything.

- We DON'T look for 30-minutes sessions. If you only want to fuck Marion and go right after, please don't waste our time. We are ONLY looking for LONG sessions. 'Long' means: 3 hours at least.

- YOU have to provide the location. Locations can be either your private home/flat, a hotel/motel room, an Adult Theater or a suitable outdoor location. Note: 'Suitable' is NOT a busy rest area.

- YOU have to cum to our region. We don't travel. You have to travel.

- YOU have to be aged 25 to 65 and have to be clean and disease free.


Masters and dominant people who are interested to meet Sex Slave Marion please just use the email address [email link only for members] to contact us.